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as health care

Would you like to know if you are medically correct? A check-up cannot provide 100% certainty, but it can still identify many things in good time and treat them if necessary.

Blood test

In our practice's own laboratory, we can determine the most important laboratory values with the most modern laboratory technologies in a few minutes.

Thanks to our good cooperation with our partner laboratory: Labor Team W, further special tests can be carried out promptly.


The urine tells us a lot: from infections to other acute or chronic diseases of the urinary tract to metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

X-ray facility
Fully digital X-ray

In just a few minutes, we can assess the condition of the heart and lungs in the practice with our fully digital X-ray system of the latest generation by means of an X-ray of the chest. Broken bones are quickly diagnosed or ruled out.

(exercise ECG)

Assessment of exercise capacity and heart attack risk. This is particularly useful if there is a family history and other risk factors.

Resting ECG(cardiac current curve)

Zur Beurteilung von Durchblutungs- und Rhythmusstörungen des Herzens.

Pulmonary function test

To assess lung function - for example, if asthma is suspected. "Every smoker should have a lung function test to detect early signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or lung cancer."

24-hour blood pressure measurement and long-term ECG

A very simple and useful examination to assess the course of blood pressure and the cardiac current curve (ECG) over 24 hours.

Infusion room with surveillance

Iron infusions for iron deficiency, bloodletting, ozone therapy, etc.

Pulse oximetry

Oxygen saturation is important for assessing cardiopulmonary function.

Wound care

We treat cuts promptly. As part of minor surgery, we also remove birthmarks and skin warts. Thanks to our modern laser device, we can also carry out more specific, small dermatological interventions.

Driving tests

Of course, we offer the legally required assessment of fitness to drive for those over 75 years of age. We also carry out group 2 driving ability tests (MFK 2, e.g. for truck driving licences).

Travel medicine advice

Do you have questions about vaccinations for your next trip? Feel free to contact us.

Modern electronic practice management program

Thanks to digitized patient dossiers, consultation hours have become more efficient and simpler. Errors are minimized.

(ultrasound examination)

Thanks to our modern Philips ultrasound device, we are able to examine the abdominal organs in a short time. Among other things, the liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, pancreas and thyroid can be assessed. Acute diseases such as gallbladder inflammation can be ruled out with this. The bladder and prostate can also be assessed. We can also examine the aorta (abdominal artery) and the important carotid arteries. dr Jenzer is also qualified to assess varicose veins and to treat them if necessary and to rule out acute thrombosis. These examinations are carried out on the one hand because of acute symptoms or as part of a check-up examination.


Consulting room

  • Ergometrie (Belastungs-EKG)
  • Ruhe-EKG (Herzstromkurve im Ruhe)
  • Spirometrie (Lungenfunktionstest)

Infusion room

Wir bieten verschiedene Infusionstherapien, wie zum Beispiel Eiseninfusionen, bei Müdigkeit und Eisenmangel an. Die Ozontherapie ist eine besondere Behandlung beispielsweise bei chronischer Müdigkeit nach Covid-Infektionen, die jedoch nicht kassenpflichtig ist.

Minor surgery

In unserem "Kleinchirurgie-Zimmer" führen wir bei Verletzungen Wundversorgungen sowie Wundnähte durch. Auch können Muttermale, bei Bedarf auch mit schonendem Elektrokauter, entfernt werden. Kleine Lipome können ebenso exzidiert werden.

X-ray facility

Hauseigene Röntgeneinrichtung für qualitativ hochwertige digitale Röntgenaufnahmen.

In-house laboratory

Die wichtigsten Laborwerte können innerhalb von 5-20 Minuten im eigenen, modernen Labor bestimmt werden.

In-house pharmacy

Wir haben die wichtigsten Medikamente in unserer Praxisapotheke vorrätig.