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Dr. med. Marcelo Sebastian Walker

Specialist in general internal medicine FMH

German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French

Dipl. med. Jochen Rebig

(formerly by Eckardstein)

Specialist in general medicine (D)

German, English

Dr. med. Franziska Meier

Specialist in intensive care medicine FMH and general practitioner

German, English, French

Dr. med. Martin Jenzer

Specialist in general internal medicine FMH, phlebology SGP

German, English, Italian, French

Dr. med. Asmus Frank

Specialist in orthopedic surgery and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system FMH, sports doctor GOTS

German, English 

Liu Hongbin

TCM doctor

Mandarin (native), English

Yan Gu


German, Chinese, English

Corinne Zimmermann

Nutritionist BSc SVDE

German (CH), French, English

Maya-Lilith Naumann


Vanessa Meier

Medical Practice Assistant (MPA)

Natalie Carmen Schwander

Nadine Odermatt-Keiser

Vanessa Werneque de Araujo

Noemi Bortoloso

Nadine Zehnder 

Nora Odermatt

Telemedicine & video consultation


Seminar Notfallmanagement

CuraMed Arztezentrum AG hat am Seminar Notfallmanagement in der Arztpraxis am 30.03.2023 teilgenommen